Carey L. Haskell                                                                  30 Griffin Road

Phone: (207) 262-9465                                                 Bangor, ME 04401




   Traffic Manager; The Zone Corp., WKIT-FM & WZON-AM; Bangor, ME

Responsible for scheduling and billing of all commercial, promotional and public service content aired on both stations.  Coordinate communication between sales, on-air and production staff to maintain our broadcast standards.

      Full-time position.  November 1997-Current


Web Designer/Videographer; Self-Employment; Bangor, ME

I do freelance video production/editing and web design work for various clients.

      January 1999-Current


      Chief Operator&Public Service Director; The Zone Corp., WZON-AM; Bangor, ME

Co-hosted the afternoon sports show.  As Public Service Director evaluated and choose what national and regional announcements to air, along with producing local public service announcements and community calendars.  Performed preventative maintenance on various audio equipment and monitoring of transmitter performance.  Responsible for operator training and scheduling.

      Full-time position.  October 1993-October 1997.


   Production Assistant; Television/Video Services, University of Maine; Orono, ME

Directed interactive television classes and assisted Video Engineers in day-to-day operations and equipment maintenance. Extensive experience operating Sony and Grass Valley video equipment and Shure and Gentner audio equipment.  Involved in the production of informational and educational videos at many levels from shooting the raw video to editing the final program.

      Part-time position.  February 1990-October 1997.


   Production Assistant; Max-Media; Orono, ME

Assisted in the production of industrial safety videos by gripping, setting up lights, monitoring audio and all aspects of the production process.
      Part-time position.  March 1989-June 1992.


   Sound Technician; Theater Department, University of Maine; Orono, ME

Designed, produced and ran the sound cues for the Maine Masque productions of
We Won’t Pay, We Won’t Pay! and Of Mice and Men.
      Part-time position.  March/April 1989-October/November 1992.



      1993, Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting from the University of Maine, Orono.  Earning a 3.02 GPA.


Computer Skills

Worked with the Media 100, a digital video editor, and the Software Audio Workshop, a digital audio editing system.  Have a working knowledge of the web-design language HTML and the applications Adobe Photoshop and Pagemaker, Filemaker Pro, Microsoft Word and Excel, Persuasion, and MacDraft and MS-DOS.



1998&1996-Operated the control room for the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race on WZON,          the Maine Association of Broadcaster’s First Place winner for a Radio Sports Feature.

1994- Edited a video for Professor Shirley Davis, ”Proceptivity Patterns in Captive Lowland Gorillas, Orangutans & Celebes Macaques”, which won the national Jack Ward Film Award, as the Animal Behavior Society’s outstanding, non-commercial animal behavior film.

1994- Operated the control room for the Ricky Craven Call-In Special on WZON, the Maine Association of Broadcaster’s First Place winner for a Radio Sports Special.



      Available upon request.